Like fallen leaves

  1. So much funghi!!! Fantastic image!!!

  2. Amazing number of mushrooms! Great capture with lovely warm tones and beautiful contrasting greens.

  3. So beautiful . . yes, at first glance I mistook them for leaves. The depth and intensity of the colors here is so wonderfully ‘autumn’.

  4. Yes Ithought the mushrooms were fallen leaves at the first glance. Beautiful picture.

  5. Beautiful ‘late autumn’ mood. I like all the different brown tones.

  6. Those shrooms are growing just like fallen leaves, cascading over one another. You have a wonderful eye to have even noticed the echo of the two forms!

  7. magical–a crown atop a bearded old king. how do you find this stuff?

  8. I like the colours here. I think its time for a walk in the forrest tomorrow. 🙂

  9. Yes indeed. I didn\'t really focus in on the details and notice until I read your title. You certainly are surrounded with beauty.

  10. Wonderful detail, so much going on. Great find.

  11. they really look like leaves
    beautiful shot

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