Skerike Church

  1. What a lovely old church and your perspective is really ideal to enhance the tall steeple. A lovely image.

  2. WOW! Print and hang this one!

  3. Postcard perfect! This has such a warm and welcoming feeling to it despite all the snow.

  4. The white on white of the church, sky, and snow make the photo very interesting. Views of this church would be a great series.

  5. Oh, Frida! That\'s beautiful. SIMPLY beautiful!

  6. awesome shot

  7. Impressive shot! Love the clarity and the subtle colors.

  8. A fine picture of this church and its steeple. Careful exposure and processing to get the distinction of the whites in the sky and on the church. Well done.

  9. Beautiful Frida. Merry late Christmas to you.

  10. very nice architecture!

  11. Beautiful winter-picture.

  12. Nice shot Frida, white on white, beautiful.

  13. White winter is an excellent category for this. So beautiful, Frida.

  14. Love the whites. Nice design.

  15. white on white, beautiful

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