The Regina Theatre in Uppsala

The Regina
The Regina Theatre in Uppsala was designed in 1925 by the famous urban architect Gunnar Leche it was used as a cinema/theatre. Since then it has had many different shapes. But in 2005 the theatre were restored almost to its original shape from 1925. We took a walk in central Uppsala today. The boys had a early game of basketball to play in the Upplands series.

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  1. I\'m just reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and have just been reading a scene set in Uppsala. Cool little theatre.

  2. En mycket fin gammal byggnad.

  3. crisply colourful…looks a nice place!

  4. Morrn.
    Egentligen en fin bild, du kanske ska ta bort gallret nere till höger och stupröret med alla klisterlapper.
    Ha de bra.
    Hasse A

  5. fantastic colors and design on this building!

  6. Vackert hus med vackra väggar!

  7. Lovely building, brings me back to the days when i was living in Uppsala!

  8. A nice facade and colors.

  9. Wonderful architectural image. Love the colors..the symmetry..the framing.

  10. Very beautiful. Uppsalla is the birth place of the master film director Ingmar Bergman. What a treat to see a photo of this theatre. Thank you, Frida.

  11. Always so pleasing to see a fine building restored like this. Your simple presentation of the façade is the best way, I think – lets it speak for itself.

  12. It looks so crisp and clean, Frida. Very soft on the eyes. 🙂

  13. What a classy building. I love the colors and the symmetry. Bravo!

  14. Great colors. I ilke the gate

  15. What a beautiful building. Love the colors – very European.

  16. A fine looking theater in the restored condition. I\'m always happen to see communities recognize the value in keeping the older structures. Fine shot of this one!

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