*Update* I listened to the constructive criticism and here is the reworked image.
I just added some sharpness to this. It was a very foggy day. I had trouble to see the road when driving.

  1. There is something about snow and ice and naked trees that is very appealing. Maybe it\'s nature stripped down to her simple beauty. Love that blue/grey hue. Very nice Frida.

  2. Marvelous. It just looks \"quiet.\" Such a pretty scene, well captured.

  3. beautiful solitary mood

  4. Wow, a beautiful image. I like the fog.

  5. Underbar vinterbild, otroligt vackert!

  6. Love these single tree images. Feels foggy and cold. Nice capture.

  7. Amazing composition! The fog and the ice on the tree convey that cold winter feeling!

  8. Vackert med trädet i dimman.

  9. It seems to be the time of the trees :-). Very well composed and executed, Frida.

  10. very nice compo, great winter shot!

  11. Lovely light presentation – it don’t get much colder(better) than this !

  12. I love this kind of shot…simply but always fashinating!!!

  13. Man kan tycka vad man vill om den här förb…. vintern men vacker är den! 🙂

  14. That is some kind of cold. It looks intolerable. The tree however is standing so beautifully.

  15. A beautiful winter image – the tree solid and strong in it\'s aloneness. Well captured, Frida.

  16. beautiful freezing shot.

  17. A great winter photo!

  18. Beautiful composition,superb, good shot!

  19. So perfectly simple..and simply perfect. Love the mood you\'ve captured/created.

  20. Beautiful

  21. What a fine winter photo, Frida. A beautiful composition too.

  22. It certainly looks better now, and it still feels cold and alone, but not too blue..

  23. Nicely composed and certainly blue.

  24. The blue gives the viewer a hit of cold, but in my eyes it\'s a little too blue, and the color makes it look a little unnatural.

  25. alone and cold

  26. Beautiful and really cool composition

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