Lantern In The Cold

  1. really nice picture, I like all these details in there… the colors remind me of christmas time,and with the greyish background it looks even colder than the frostbuds indicate…

  2. Beautiful depiction!

  3. beautiful…frosty and gorgeous!

  4. Great composition! love the frost and ice formation on the lantern. A great red shot!

  5. Vilken jättefin bild, trodde vid första ögonkastet att det var gravyr på glaset. Så vackert och stämningsfullt.

  6. Frosty, eh?

  7. More wonderful work with the contrast of color and starkness. Great image.

  8. Excellent – I love the red lantern and the red berry … the ice really adds an interesting dimension to this picture!
    Gena @ thinking aloud
    a photoblog
    South Africa

  9. Fantastic shot, Frida. Truly a beautiful capture.

  10. Life stands quiet! Beautiful mood, lovely tones and light. Really well done.

  11. Beautiful frosty shades of winter – great composition, and I love that you captured the detail of the ice crystals on the lantern!

  12. Awesome frost!

  13. Beautiful frosty details

  14. The fact that the red color of the lamp matches with the color of the apple is as funny as beautiful. Love this winter scene.

  15. You never disappoint me, Frida. So soulful!

  16. This is just beautiful, Frida. The lantern with the snowflakes is so pretty and the way it matches the other red is perfect. Cold never looked so pretty.

  17. This is absolutely beautiful.

  18. Lovely! Very zen.

  19. Wonderful colour palette and nice textures with the ice crystals

  20. So it\'s been cold in Sweden then?

  21. WoW! You really have captured the cold. Nice.

  22. perfect for a Christmas card . . .

  23. What a wonderful photo, so soft but evoking the cold so clearly as well.

    I hope your cold and snow doesn\'t last too long this year and the sailboats soon appear again in your waters as well.

  24. exquisite detail

  25. This is a spectacular shot for its sheer beauty. The lantern and branch would be attractive at any time, but with the frost is made much, much better. Best shot I\'ve seen today!

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