Me And Mini-Me

Me and mini-me
  1. :))

  2. It\'s a baby!! Love it…love the title! Well done, Frida.

  3. I like the concept of the title and the boats that fit it so well.
    Excellent detail. An eye-catching, fine image.

  4. They really do look like parent/child tugboats. Amazing to see the frozen harbor!!!

  5. Let\'s see if this comment will take, Frida…I\'ve been kicked out all day as Spam.

    This has an Awwww factor for me. So sweet. 🙂

  6. Conveys so well the quiet stillness of a day like this . . frozen in more ways than one !

  7. 🙂 perfectly named, Frida. I don\'t think they\'re going anywhere.

  8. Love the title! Fits the picture so well!

  9. very nice colors on these objects! looks blistering cold!

  10. Nice light. So where is the cache hidden? Did you find it?

  11. hehe

  12. Och jag tänker genast Brobergs Båtlåt. 😉

  13. looks like they\'re frosted in ahrd there! makes me feel cold!

  14. wow, I didn\'t realize it froze like that where you live. I love how it almost makes the boats appear to have been plunked on land with those buildings so close in the background. What a treat traveling to another land!

  15. Frozen! I dont like the winter, but your winter-shots are really great!

  16. Such a cold and beautiful shot. It looks like everything is frozen over until spring. Love this 🙂

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