Oh No!

Oh No!
  1. lol…a great \"boys and their toys\" shot. I bet nobody nade it to the top 🙂

  2. Yikes!

  3. I knew there would be a crash at the end of this!

  4. Nice timing. And where is the snow??

  5. Oh, wow, I love the cloud of dust. Hope nobody was hurt.

  6. But Oh! Yes! of a photo!

  7. interesante serie con la moto, ya veo que al final comió tierra :))

  8. A wonderful action shot with just a hint of the dust obscured subject! Nicely done.

  9. gosh, hope he was okay — the photographer too 🙂 Great capture.

  10. Oh No! That is exactly what I thought when I opened the page! Great action shot! I think you were in a much better position than the guy up there on the left, above the \"A\" letter! 😉

  11. OUCH!! Was he okay?? Love how you captured the dirt..altho I need to know that he was able to get himself up and walk away unharmed!!!

  12. Love the cloud of dust and the photo of the photographer! This image tells a story without spelling everything out!

  13. This is why people go see these shows, lots of death and destruction 😉

  14. Oh No, is right, Frida. But OH YES to the image. 🙂 I love the hint of the accident in question.

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