Seed Pods From The Common Columbine

  1. simple and fine … great DOF

  2. I love the texture and colours of seed pods. The strong light and upward looking perspective, give it an inspirational feel. Very nicely done Frida.

  3. I was looking at these poking up out of the snow in our field just the other day. Nicely captured.

  4. I like the compo, beautiful blue sky

  5. very nice composition on these plants. nice skyline DOF!

  6. Underbart vackert, enkelt och stramt. En favoritbild, verkligen.

  7. Very cool, the detailed texture of the plant belies the straightforward idea of the photograph. Great eye!!

  8. Love the texture on the seed pods!

  9. Great camera angle and DOF. Love the soft blues and \"yellows\" in the plant. Nice color pairs.

  10. Love the blue sky background.

  11. These columbine seedheads are exquisite in their clarity and how you\'ve used the sky to showcase them.

  12. Wow, great sharpness on the motiv and a beautiful blue sky, I will have a blue sky too, but here its grey in grey. ;-/

  13. A fine shot showing the beauty of the pods after they\'ve dried up. I like them shot against the sky.

  14. beautiful.

  15. Excellent DOF in this shot! Well done

  16. nature is grand…so much to see here in something 99.9% of us would overlook!

  17. good shot, love the light

  18. Dried memories of summer under winter sun . . the patterns to be found in stuff like this are amazing.

  19. Fantastic background works well gives it a 3d effect 🙂

  20. These are so stately, Frida, against that sky…I do believe each has a name and is a collaborator on some grand adventure together! 🙂

  21. So stark and lovely. Beautiful shot Frida.

  22. Absolutely gorgeous shot, Frida! Columbines are such a pretty, delicate looking flower. The pods are very much different. Love it!

  23. The seed pods against the sky look beautiful. and think how beautiful spring will be when the columbine come back again.

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