1. Hejsan !
    Jättevacker bild !
    Gillar den jättemycket 🙂

  2. Underbart vacker bild!

  3. wonderfull winter mood

  4. lovely…the colour in the sky is terrific.

  5. Så vackert! \"Mönstret\" på snön gör att bilden känns tredimentionell. Jag kom på mig själv med att pilla på skärmen, hihi, trodde väl att jag skulle känna strukturen. Kram!

  6. Wonderful sunlight…beautiful scenery!

  7. The snowy woods with the sun showing through the branches makes a fine wintry sunset. Lovely color and a very appealing treatment of the snow field.

  8. Sheer magic! The light is incredible and I love how the trees seem to huddle together. For me is the gentle lines in the snow…that just wows me 🙂

  9. For such a wintry scene, that warm morning sun sure makes it seem inviting. Nice one.

  10. Beautiful compo for this lovely sunset

  11. beautiful landscape with stunning sky

  12. Special and gorgeous sunset.

  13. What a beautiful sunset in a untouched nature.

  14. How beautiful. I love the soft waves in the snow. The glow of the sun makes the image look a lot warmer than the temperature probably was that day, too.

  15. Such a beautiful sunset, captured through the bare winter branches of the tree. Well done!

  16. So pretty viewing this through the branches.

  17. Breath-taking winter sunset. Warms my heart!!!

  18. Superb … I love this one, the motion & the ligth makes this one an awesome sunset

  19. Härlig bild , man riktigt känner kylan komma krypande när solen nu går ner.

  20. As Seraphine has described the effect, this is definitely a poem, Frida.

  21. beautiful frida. you see melancholy in a sunset, while i watch the sun dip below the trees before closing the door and warming myself before a fire with a glass of wine in my hand.

  22. Great tones and lighting in the sky creating a beautiful light on the trees! Beautiful

  23. Love the virgin snow and the quietness of it Frida, and the well controlled exposure. Good work.

  24. Great light on the trees and snow.

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