Hill Climb

Hill Climb
  1. wonderful timing…

  2. Ser livsfarligt ut! Så häftigt actionfyllda bilder, jag är grymt imponerad.

  3. Nice action and terrific light Frida, and a really good dof to keep the spectators reasonably in focus. Well done.

  4. Awesome shot!! Talk about timing – perfect!

  5. Whoa! Excellent.

  6. Impeccable timing! What a capture.

  7. Excellent action shot of an awesome event WOW!

  8. which came first the bike or the rider. great angle.

  9. I like the upward angle and the perfect composition of this shot.
    Right place, right time!!!

  10. A remarkably sharp image for the perfectly timed moment you have captured. What crazy things folks do !

  11. Great action shot, captured perfectly.

  12. Great moment, great sharpness.

  13. Nice action shot, exactly the right moment and an surprising perspective. Well done.

  14. great shot–we see a lot ofthat around here, only it\'s not an \"official\" competition. Just kids playing around.

  15. Uh oh, did he make it?

  16. A fantastic action shot! Not only did you get \"the\" moment, but you got it with marvelous detail. Fine shooting.

  17. Nice action and timing.

  18. What a great POV on this, Frida. I love the photographers taking pictures of each other! 🙂

  19. Superb action shot…your timing is dead on!

  20. WOW! What a great action shot. Love your point-of-view..almost directly beneath him.

  21. Götapepper! Är det din? Jag hade aldrig vågat titta på. Härlig bild!

  22. Wow..captivating shot..such energy..color and life! Wonderfully alive! Love it!

  23. perfectly captured

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