Two Doors And A Swing

Two doors
  1. a beautiful photo …. excellent winter scene

  2. Very strong composition! I love the way the tree branches frame the image as well as the rich reds and the hint of color carried through on the swing detail. Well done.

  3. wonderful capture…great colour and detail – and that deep snow!

  4. Love those reds. But a little cold for a swing. Nicely done.

  5. I think this is fantastic. So vibrant

  6. Wonderful colors and what a lovely tree! Not much swinging until spring?

  7. Nicely composed. What a beautiful old tree. And my eyes eventually settle on the snow-covered swing. Great work!

  8. What wonderful colors..and such a beautiful winter image. And – love how it just so happens to match that v&v tag perfectly. Looks great!!!

  9. Such a beautiful winter shot. The red wall adds a wonderful splash of color.

  10. Underbar vinterbild med fin komposition. Får mig nästan- fast bara nästan- att sluta längta så till våren och värmen!

  11. A superbly composed image. Love the intricate details in the snow covered branches. Excellent and interesting background, especially the red and black wood.

  12. Such great balance to your composition and the color of the building is surprisingly warm and pleasing for such a cold scene. Nicely done.

  13. What a lovely assembly of shapes and colors this makes. A poster ready-made!

  14. So beautiful, Frida, but it looks so cold!! Love the vibrant red backdrop for the crisp, white snow.

  15. So taken by the vivid red and the doors if it hadn\'t been for your title I may have missed the swing. A beautiful image.

  16. A fine snow scene. The amount of snow on the swing is a good indication of the snow\'s depth. I really like the composition with the two doors and the heavy laden snow tree. Well done.

  17. excellent compositon

  18. Great composition, I like also the colors.

  19. cool colors, looks utterly cold though. i wonder what\'s behind those doors. =]

  20. Nice composition, Frida.

  21. You do have the eye for composition, Frida…and color. This is delightful.

  22. Oh, I love this! Pure white with a pop of red. Excellent.

  23. Oh, wow, what a beautiful photograph! It\'s so vivid and full of symbols.

  24. That\'s a great snow photo. Looks like it will be a while before the swing is back in action.

  25. looks like a face, stunning shot

  26. Three wonderful elements jump out at me Frida – first, I love the seclusion of the snow-covered swing, and secondly, way the tree canopy parallels the snowfall on the ground, and then the nice rich, red background of the building. Fantastic scene!

  27. Beautiful picture. But so glad I\'m not there.

    Grandma\'s Wishful Thinking

  28. Such a beautiful image, so full of poetry!

  29. What a super gorgeous capture..I love it..the energy , texture and feel to it..super are a lovely photographer! Inspiring!

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