An apple a day, keeps the doctor at bay

Apple and bird
  1. Soo a wonderful composition.

  2. lol….it looks like it swallowed the apple whole. Great shot Frida.

  3. What a sweet and wonderful capture! 🙂

  4. Funny photo and excellent capture with beautiful colors. The bird is barely larger than the apples.

  5. wonderful shot. lovely to see too!

  6. Awe! What a cute, storytelling image!! It made me smile BIG TIME!!

  7. Sweet!! Sharpness and composition is very well done!

  8. Beautiful composition ! he look so cute but freezing…well , courage , spring is on the way 😉

  9. This is sweet. Love the colors!!!

  10. good capture

  11. very nice clear capture of the birdie!

  12. what a cute pudgy birdie lol i like her very much 🙂 eating apples, ha! great shot!!!

  13. Bonsoir,
    An amzing image..Beautiful composition and lightness..Bravo!

  14. Did the bird bring in the apples from a warmer place??

  15. A fine shot of this little fellow getting a bite or two. I have a bird huddled on my feeder this morning apparently just fluffed up and
    keeping warm….he\'s get some sunflowers seed bits later. Nice shot today.

  16. What cute chubby little birdie!

  17. This bird seems to be very cold…

  18. Awww! What bird is this – some sort of thrush? Has spring come to Sweden?

  19. excellent capture

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