Have a nice weekend!

  1. What a classically beautiful snow image!

  2. I very much enjoy the colors – black, red, white in this image – makes the photo very dramatic. A very nice find!

  3. Så fint! Den där vagnen hade jag velat ha 🙂

  4. A lovely scene Frida, and whites whiter than white. Very well composed.

  5. I sure am enjoying that dark red paint, Frida, to say nothing of the photogenic cart!

  6. So much snow, have a great week ahead my friend.

  7. A mighty fine winter shot – love all that snow piled up in the wagon and the backdrop of the barn. Well done!

  8. Major snow!! What a great old wagon. Love how you\'ve captured it..the composition..how everything is buried in snow!!!

  9. Your photograph takes us back to a time long gone (but not forgotten). Great control of light and beautiful composition!

  10. lovely shot…superb winter feel.

  11. What a grand old wagon. Beautiful piled with snow and of course I love the red barn.

  12. So can I see the cache in the picture? I like your reds and the scene looks \"fun\".

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