Take me away from here!

Take me away
  1. Great sense of motion. It\'s always easier to freeze it than to show it how it really is..

  2. I like the sene of movement!

  3. Exactly the right amount of movement blur here – excellent!

  4. Härlig och fartfylld bild! Bra fångat!

  5. l really like the mood and movement in this photograph! And after just visiting visionandverb.com — I must declare you are quite a writer! It is also nice to read your bio and put a face to the talented photographer of Pixelbloggen. Congrats!

  6. take me too. loved your vision and verb post.

  7. a very nice capture! glad you were able to get it before this guy got away 🙂

  8. Nice in motion!

  9. I really like this. The blur/motion work well.

  10. Wonderful movement effect, great captured!

  11. Excelente captura. Saludos!

  12. Really nice one. Pulls me in to study it. We have all seen ducks thousands of times, but this capture is a moment that we really cannot see. Well done.

  13. A fine action shot of this bird\'s takeoff. The position of the feet indicates how much the running has to do with beginning flight. Well done.

  14. Love the reflection of the bird on the water

  15. yes away from here , we akk need spring now !
    beautiful shot Frida

  16. i\'d love to see it skid along when it touches down! good shot.

  17. I love the cross posting, Frida, and am so glad your warmer days of spring and summer will soon come!

  18. A scooting coot?

  19. Nice movement Frida, kind of ghostly and fleeting.

  20. cool capture

  21. Vilken läcker bild, vilken känsla i farten.

    Ha det gott, kram Maria

  22. That appears to be ice. What timing:-)

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