The greenhouse in the afternoon sun.

  1. Even with all the snow, it feels so warm in there, Frida. I love the sunshine! 🙂

  2. Vilken hÀrlig och fin vinterbild. DÀr skulle man kunna tÀnka sig fika i solvÀrmen, trots kylan utanför

  3. I like the warmth of the wooden facade in the snowy landscape. very nice tones

  4. Very nice veranda to be in and watch the snow…

  5. The light, the contrast, this worked really well!

  6. that sure looks like the perfect place to sit with a book

  7. So crisp and clear. It\'s beautiful.

  8. I like the crisp clean look of this image with its bright color on the building and the snow caps. Looks very good.

  9. So bright and cheery. I\'ve always wanted a place like that to have plants and flowers.

  10. But, where are the flowers in the green house? 😉
    Love the clean feel of this image — clear blue sky, rich red in the barn, and the pure white snow. Nice capture.

  11. The colors look so warm..but from the amount of snow and the clear blue color of the sky – I know that it\'s probably very very cold. Lovely image!!!

  12. Very nice colors.

  13. nice mood

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