The Lightship Almagrundet


The light ship Almagrundet was used from 1896 until 1967 to warn for the Almagrund (Almabanks) in Stockholm\’s archipelago. It was then replaced with a Caisson lighthouse.

  1. I like the crystal clear feel of this shot. Wonderful crisp detail and color makes it outstanding.

  2. love this shot…what a wonderfully odd looking pair of boats. i wonder what the almagrundet is used for now?

  3. lovely bright colors. good shot

  4. Beautiful winter scene on a sunny day. We can feel the cold with all that snow and ice. The red hull pops up.

  5. Vacker vinterbild med underbara färger, utstrålar harmoni.

  6. brilliant winter sho .. also the choosen format

  7. Interesting boat, love the colors and the gorgeous sky and snow covering.

  8. great scene. have a great week my friend

  9. This is a first for me, Frida…a lighthouseboat. A lightboat? What a gorgeous image of her.

  10. That\'s a lot of winter that has to melt away before these boats will be used again.. The sunlight makes it cheerful though.

  11. I\'ve always been fascinated with lightships. As a teenager a friend and I headed out to the one off Boston in a very small boat one summer day. It was so far off-shore you couldn\'t see land from it. The crew were quite surprised to see us circling it in our small craft and told us to get the hell home!

  12. A really gorgeous winter shot, Frida. Love the contrast of the beautiful blue sky with the red of the boat and the white of the snow.

  13. beautiful shot, love the winter mood

  14. Gorgeous color!! You\'all are really frozen solid!!!

  15. Love the blues and reds. Geocaching and Photography go well together. You end up in lots of nice places.

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