The Woodpecker Hotel

Woodpecker Hotel

This hotel room is situated 13 meters up in an oak in the City park of Västerås.  It’s a real room to rent for a night or two. Built by the artist Mikael Genberg.

  1. … dreamlike, it is very high in the tree – not so good for me 😉

  2. Geez, that is so cool! I want to stay there. I suppose you\'d pack light if staying there!

  3. Okay, that tree and tree house are both way bigger than I thought from the post after this one! Even cooler!!

  4. When I saw the title I didnt know what to expect…but this is great! Just the type of clubhouse I wanted as a kid!

  5. i don\'t think i\'d want to climb up there drunk…

    …or be the maid…or roomservice…

  6. A hotel room???? How cool is that!!! Love the image!!!

  7. Both the sculptural detail and the colors are terrific. So much to see in one shot!

  8. I love the name of this shot. The tree house is amazingly high. This is some construction! Nice shot of it.

  9. Oh how fun! Don\'t know if I\'d want to stay there in the winter though.Great photo!

  10. I\'d say that must be the ultimate treehouse. Love how it\'s so separated from the rest of the scene, and the way the snow outlines the branes.

  11. a 5 stars hotel 😀

  12. Awesome tree house and awesome shot of snowy branches against that beautiful sky.

  13. That\'s like 5 or 6 stories high, I don\'t think I\'d want to spend an entire night, maybe just long enough for a quick peek as long as I did not have to climb a ladder to get up there. that is an immensely huge tall tree.

  14. Nice clean light in this Frida. Just looking at the height of that tree house, makes the soles of my feet tingle. It would be interesting in the wind.

  15. I would love to stay there for one night during the summer. Looks like lots of work to go up or come down though.

  16. OMG! Can you imagine that experience! And how do you get up there with your luggage, I wonder. HAHAHA! That is way too fun.

  17. Wonderful. As a young or an old boy, I always want a treehouse …

  18. Det där har jag sett på nåt reseprogram på tv o tycker det är så häftigt! Jag vill också ha ett trädhus.

  19. How much ware you getting paid to stay there 😉

  20. WOW! so many questions a) did you stay b) was it warm c) how do you get luggage up there d) how do you get up thanks for sharing… always wanted to sleep in a tree house

  21. wow, how do you get up there? love your photos

  22. Now I\'ve seen it all:-) I always wanted a treehouse. Didn\'t know they could be rented. It\'s a grand tree.

  23. such a cool place, i\'d love to try it

  24. Does it have heat??

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