Time flies…

Time flies
While backing up my archive of photos on a new external drive, I found this picture. Looking at them now I realize that time surely flies.

  1. An unusual effect Frida, but interesting. I am guessing that this is HDR?

  2. True words, Frida and very nice photo. Reminds me on my two sons.

  3. Absolutely terrific image! the light positively glows. well done!

  4. Very nice \"portrait\". Just the legs say a lot about the relationship.

  5. Yes..they grow much too quickly. Love your chosen point of view. Time definitely does fly!!!

  6. Yes…it does 🙁

  7. Wonderful backlit photograph. The DOF is perfect and the sparkles in the water dreamlike.

  8. I like this. Nice composition,with both pairs of legs tending in same direction. Lovely textures of sand and water. Effective tones.

  9. And to think you can see time flying just by looking at pant length and tennis shoes, Frida! 🙂 I love it.

  10. nice framing!

  11. Ah – yes, we know that feeling….. so good to have picture to remind us, how they where and how we looked like too 🙂
    there is something fascinating with images showing just the leg and shoes – you start wondering, imagine who they are, what they are doing… Nice!!

  12. Standing on the edge.

  13. Camera, processing or both…I don\'t know what it is, but there\'s such a soft quality here. Beautiful image, Frida.

  14. A fine shot to bring back the memories of how often family have to buy new shoes for those growing feet on their youngsters. I like this one a lot!

  15. Fantastiskt fin bild. Jag gillar ortoneffekten (?) du lagt på i efterbehandlingen. Trevlig helg!

  16. Mmmmmm jag hoppas det går fort. Här är det takdropp och plus. Jippi!

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