1. Just beautiful.

  2. Such a gorgeous winter capture, Frida. Well done!!

  3. One word, Frida: Brrrrrr.

  4. Beautiful shot, the details of the crystals are really cool. but burrrrrr…..

  5. Stunning and elegant image, lovely ice and snow crystals. A beautiful capture.

  6. It is completely beautiful.

  7. Stunning..absolutely exquisite detail. Love this!!!

  8. beautiful details in the ice

  9. Nice arrangement of this branch in the frame. The frosty look is appealing. Nice one.

  10. A lovely, delicate and precious shot

  11. Gorgeous shot. The delicate nature in every way…frozen in time.

  12. Like the subtle way the foreground branch crosses the softly blurred background one. Sort of a mirror\'s reflection.

  13. very pretty!

  14. Beautiful composition..

  15. Beautiful, it looks both strong and delicate. I\'ll bet you\'re ready for spring by now though.

  16. Can feel the weight of the snow looking at this . . Very gently expressive of the moment.

  17. A nice winter image. The branch gives a nice strong diagonal.

  18. A gorgeous image!!! well done 🙂

  19. Love the ice crystals! A beautiful capture!

  20. beautiful

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