1. wonderfull mood .. great one Frida

  2. Exquisite detail. Beautiful!!!

  3. I love how the snow sparkles.

  4. Excellent details, I like the snow in the background.

  5. Nice, simple composition.

  6. A simplicity and yet also a complication. Such is life…this is beautiful!

  7. Snow on barbedwire! Who would have thought it…but it makes sense!

  8. It feels like more than a fence.

  9. Even barbed wire looks beautiful with snow. A very arresting photograph art worthy!

  10. Simple and fascinating! A photo full of suggestions.

  11. a common barrier inthese parts, love the sparkly snow.

  12. One of my favorite subjects. I love it.

  13. I guess barbwire is all over the world.

  14. even a barbed wire will look beautiful as you photograph it

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