Budding Magnolias

Can it be true?! Budding magnolias and 20 inches of snow… Hooray spring is coming!

  1. I am waiting for the spring… where is it?

  2. Wow, we got nothing yet! Nice macro.

  3. love this sharpness very delicate photo

  4. :))

  5. I also hope that it will soon be spring. But we have snow and at night it is still bitterly cold.
    The blue tones in the picture emphasize the cold very beautiful.

  6. Exquisite detail!! I\'ve just seen the first of these around here too!! Lovely image!!!

  7. Wow! So pretty – a truly excellent capture, Frida!

  8. Amazing blues!

  9. So pretty! I love the way the light catches all the little details.

  10. Those blues make it feel very cold to me. Love the lines of the braches.

  11. the background makes is special

  12. It IS spring! It is! Hurray!

  13. beautiful cool color tones and great DOF. this is a really lovely image 🙂

  14. really stunning

  15. stunning color, great shot

  16. I like the pattern these branches create against the beautiful blue background. A fine shot.

  17. i love the fluffy buds in front of that wonderful blurry background!

  18. Beautiful shot with great colors.

  19. it\'s nice to see this…no trace of spring here so far!

  20. Yes! Spring arrives.

  21. Spring is tenacious, Frida, no matter what, and this is just beautiful evidence. As we speak, snow is falling here in Gorinchem, Holland. The ground is covered once again…perhaps its last hurrah?

  22. The white on blue background is beautiful.

  23. Oh, I hope they don\'t get nipped by the cold. They\'re beautiful!

  24. ahh, pussy willows. the sweetest softest little things.

  25. Wow, that sight is welcome here too 🙂 Great pic. and that blue colour is so right.

  26. beautiful

  27. I can feel the temperature changing. It\'s nice:)

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