Entrance to Wonderland…

Mad hatter
Look out for the Mad Hatter!

  1. magnifiques couleurs, et très beaux détails.

  2. Oh, that`s cool – I love those findings and the stories behind 🙂

  3. Great title works very will with the photo

  4. Wonderful and so of immediate interest.

  5. Wonderful composition, really grabs ones attention, lovely warm tones and excellent details.

  6. a beautiful title , like an invitation. Superb , Frida ; i love the tones

  7. Just LOVE your tittle – it turned the picture into something of a fairytale, a mystery – a wonder. Great 🙂

  8. Beautiful and mysterious! You have a great eye for interesting details in the microcosm.

  9. I can see Alice falling right through there!

  10. I think you might be right 🙂

  11. Ah, helt underbar bild 🙂

  12. hehe, cool title and a great capture

  13. What an eye-catching shot. Very provocative and stimulating shot.

  14. An exceptional and very different kind of macro.

  15. I love rust!

  16. Nice focus and DOF. Love the colors and great title.

  17. Fantastic abstract.

  18. Very mysterious! I wonder what it really is?

  19. Oh WOW! This is so very cool!! Love this suggestion of a world unknown!!!

  20. Wow vilken häftig bild. Skapar liksom nya bilder i huvudet. 😉 Vad är det för nåt? Eller hemligheten med nyskapande i huvudet är nog att inte veta. Kramkram

  21. Ohhhhh. I love it, Frida! 🙂

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