Eurasian Crane – Grus grus

Grus grus
  1. I was in in Israel many years ago for a month or so and remember great flocks of these passing over on their way north to Europe after wintering in Africa. They are beautiful birds.

  2. So close Ihavn`t seen the Crane. A beautiful moment.

  3. Gorgeous!! Such simplicity and grace!!!

  4. A great capture here! 🙂 nice one!

  5. I like the simple design. It sends you directly to the birds.

  6. They have such beautiful stream-lineed necks, Frida, and you have shown them beautifully!

  7. …dream away…
    just in the right moment!

  8. You did a great job of capturing these cranes in flight! This makes me want to go over to Nebraska; there are a ton of sandhill cranes there about now.

  9. very nicely captured.. i do like how you captured them both together.. nice work. 🙂

  10. cool capture

  11. That\'s a familiar site over here right now, Frida. The sandhill cranes are migrating through and the town in which I work just had a sandhill crane festival this past weekend. Well done!!

  12. grace, serenity, freedom each came to mind. Stunning capture.

  13. beautiful shot !!!

  14. Feels so free. I love their graceful feet.

  15. Awww I love the little legs.

  16. Great capture of their gracious fly !

  17. Lovely capture, such a wonderful mood with these free flying birds. Excellent timing to catch them directly overhead.

  18. Gorgeous \"in flight\" shot.

  19. beautiful capt, I like the freedom atmosphere

  20. Beautiful capture Frida…so full of grace.

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