Looking back on last years pictures. This is one of my favorites of the summer of 2009.

  1. Hi Frida. Lovely shot of a very cute bird! Thanks for still stopping by my blog, despite that I so rarely comment on your and others work /Peter

  2. A very cute shot! What an expression you captured. Good going.

  3. Very nice, Frida. You captured the innocence and vulnerability along with some beautiful detail.

  4. Just wonderful sweet and charming!

  5. Awe, he is rather young, heh! Young and cute!

  6. This sweet little fellow is depicted very sharply. And the background fits also very well. Great photo!

  7. Nice detail. Love the greens. Interesting look on the face of the bird. I find it interesting that I attribute human emotions to the birds expression.

  8. it is a terrific catch!

  9. Another superb macro photograph, Frida. Colors, clarity and framing are magnificent!

  10. wow, good capture

  11. Amazing colors and beautiful bird!

  12. Fantastic shot of this gorgeous bird, love the natural setting and the sharpness and clarity are outstanding.

  13. What an interesting looking fellow! Nice close up with the detail that let\'s us appreciate his special look. Nice shot.

  14. what a cute bird, it\'s amazing the way he looks at you



  16. He looks young and is regarding you with suspicion!

  17. So a cute little bird. I hear now the birds are singing and tweeting in my very near wood.

  18. Vilken underbar bild!

  19. What a beautiful shot, so crisp.

  20. A nice bird on a beautiful shot

  21. Ohhhh, what a sweetie-pie, Frida. Soon you\'ll be out on your tummy again, taking pictures of the worms he\'ll be eating. 🙂

  22. A beautiful shot; you came very close!

  23. Precious little baby. It reminds me of that one from our front yard last year. Those eyes look so tender. I like the lush greenery surrounding it.

  24. this is a fantastic bird shot

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