Quiz #1

What is this?
These things are placed around a windmill. We think it is used to lock the wings.
Not sure though perhaps someone know if it’s a correct assumption?

  1. It does look like a stake for anchoring something, Frida. I\'ll have to ask Astrid about how the Dutch windmill sails are anchored. I thought it was on top of the windmill, not on the ground, but I could be wrong. Regardless, you do have an eye for the \"simple yet profound!\"

  2. good play with the sharpness

  3. I have no idea..but it reminds me of a whale as it dives under the water. Wonderful detail!!!

  4. Um, a wedge for splitting granite in an old quarry?

  5. how intriguing. Some kind of peg for attaching a …?

  6. Looks like part of an anchor or a large iron nail for construction … clues?

  7. Upon first sight the ‚thing’ looked like a strange kind of mushroom. But no, it seems to be metallic… Beats me!
    Nevertheless, an interesting capture!

  8. Nice light and colors. A hole digger, but I was originally going to say a whale tail.

  9. Lovely light.

  10. it\'s a whale who got lost 🙂

  11. A little iron-tree, but very, very young.

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