The Silver Lining

Silver lining
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  1. This just makes me smile. Love all the sparkle and fantastic bokeh. Well done, Frida!! Love it!

  2. great macro of these brilliant crystals.

  3. lovely…quite magical.

  4. Great focus point – superb sharpness!

  5. A very subtle, yet effective abstract. Love the fine silver color.

  6. Pure magic.

  7. Cool shot, in a double meaning 😉 Frost on the window?

  8. A wonderful silver twinkle.

  9. exquisite

  10. cool shot

  11. Nice abstract

  12. Exquisite detail!! Love how it sparkles and glows..and the absolutely perfect title!!!

  13. Fantastic shot and great details

  14. It\'s there, Frida. It\'s there! Good for you to see it.

  15. Exceptional point of focus. I like it, Frida.

  16. Nice abstract. Glowing!!

  17. exciting imagery

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