Tearing down history

Tearing down
Enköping’s City Hotel (Stadshotell) was built in 1879. In March 2010 they are tearing it down after many many years of neglect.

  1. Great b/w. So simple and so good.

  2. Väldigt fin bild, synd att de rev ner det.

  3. They need place for new ? I like your processing, it looks now historical.

  4. An excellent editorial image. In my home town there have been several of these most unfortunate tear downs as well. Such a shame that they have been allowed to be neglected.

  5. like a war scene . But it was done with lot of talent ! and a beautiful light.
    have a great week end

  6. It is not so pleasant to look at this destroyed building ( brings some bad memories from war I experienced back in country ) , but photo is done very professionally . Great documentary shot indeed !

  7. A fine shot of the razing of this old building. Sad to see it wiped out after all these years. Nice shot though.

  8. That is so sad when I see old, glorious buildings torn down from neglect 🙁

    Happy belated Wordless Wednesday because it is really Thursday and I\'m a day behind myself 🙂

  9. It seems a post war scene.

  10. It bothers me so when they take down a perfectly good and beautiful old building..destroying fabric and history. Great find!!!

  11. Looks like a bomb went off, Be careful not to blow the highlights, especially in the clouds in such a shot, they always adds drama to buildings like this.

  12. It breaks your heart, Frida. But then, I guess it\'s better than an eye-sore!

  13. A good but unfortunate Pic…

  14. That seems such a shame to lose all that history. Great capture, Frida.

  15. Always a shame to see something like this disappear. Sometimes I think it\'s my task in life to document these places before they\'re gone.

  16. A perfect name for this scene. Wonderful capture and very complimentary processing.

  17. looks like an after war scene, very well captured

  18. so sad when great old buildings go, nice caputure

  19. The BW adds a sadder mood to the image. Will it be replaced with something interesting? Any nearby geocaches?

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