Anemone Hepatica

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  1. So pretty – this is visual sugar – and I want to eat this treat!

  2. Lovely light on this one too, and plenty of nice detail and texture. Pretty colours.

  3. again, beautiful crispness and colors here.. wonderful shot! 😀

  4. another superb macro: beautiful.

  5. Lovely little flower.

  6. Mm, underbar!

  7. Ah, always a lovely sight at spring. Great captured.

  8. So perfectly symmetrical. I like the abstractness of the background bokeh.

  9. …and a beautiful droplet of moisture

  10. Pure beauty !

  11. A wonderfully detailed and sharp image. Well done!

  12. stunning work. a real wallhanger

  13. Nice details and kind of symmetry.

  14. So sharp and crisp it brings out the vibrant purple.

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