Honey, I’m stuck

  1. Funny! This bird is like the Winnie-the-Pooh of the bird world!

  2. Funny shot with excellent sharpness. Makes me laugh.

  3. lol…great catch.

  4. Very funny Frida, and the bird house is so simply made too.

  5. This is great and so funny! I\'ll bet that bird would love for that hole to be a LITTLE bigger! Your story at V&V was very enjoyable.

  6. My father-in-law builds bird houses like this. Looks like a nice home:-)

  7. Ohhhh. That\'s way too funny, Frida. And you have just reminded me that I haven\'t gone to V&V today. Yikes!

  8. That is so awesome!!

  9. Nice detail. Fun image and title.

  10. Cute title and shot to match. Nice capture at a prime moment.

  11. What a great image!

  12. Such an exquisite capture!! (In case I didn\'t mention it over at v&v)..:-)

  13. fantastic and funny capt

  14. Hehe! Dax för beach 2010.

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