The Fly

Bees, flies and the more beautiful butterflies are now flying back and forth in our garden.

  1. Oh, to be the proverbial \"fly on a wall\" — insects like this don\'t pose for the camera – shows your patience to \"catch\" him on camera in this detail.

  2. Wonderful close-up with fascinating details!
    To Mark: The majority of flies spend the winter as grubs, often in the soil, some in rotten wood, and even some in dung heaps. However a surprising number overwinter in the adult stage. You may find them tucked away in a corner of an attic or in a shed.

  3. First fly for this summer? Great shot!

  4. You\'ve got him cornered!

  5. Wow the detail!

  6. Great sharpness on the fly.

  7. Great job getting close enough for this one! I always wonder about the insects that appear in the dead of winter; how?

  8. perfect catch

  9. Jag slutar nog aldrig att fashineras över dina macron 🙂 En helt ny vĂ€rld öppnar sig varje gĂ„ng.

  10. Wow!! What a monster !
    Perfecr shot !

  11. Det var verkligen nÀrkontakt, flugan ser lite otÀck ut.
    Hoppas allt Àr vÀl med dig?
    Ha det gott, kram

  12. Nice detail. Are they taking over your home??

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