1. Fantastic composition and colors – another of your \"Georgia O\'Keeffe\" beauties!

  2. What beautiful detail you captured. Well Done…

  3. It`s always stunning how wonderful nature is.

  4. Very delicate with unusual but pleasing colours. Well done Frida.

  5. Wow, fantastic macro! The colours and the details are great!

  6. Such an amazing macro. It\'s perfect images like this that make me reconsider adding a macro lens to my \"want\" list. Beautiful work!

  7. Love the colors. They\'re bold and inviting. Very pleasing image.

  8. A flowery confection… looks good enough to eat! marvelous!!!!

  9. Just a lovely macro.

  10. This is a really gorgeous macro. I definitely see the waves!

  11. Looks like an underwater creature of sorts.

  12. Intriguing focus!

  13. excellent macro

  14. Fascinating capture of the mysterious and secret inner life of plants. Great work, Frida!

  15. A clever and fitting title. This is lush, Frida. Such a beautiful image.

  16. Your photos are so beautiful. I\'m really enjoying looking through your gallery.

  17. so vibrant

  18. Exquisite color and detail. Magical!!!

  19. Great macro! Wonderful details and sharpness. Very nice work!

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