A man and his boat

Man and Boat
  1. A wonderful DOF ! !

  2. A wonderful composition with different focus. I really like this shot.

  3. WOW!! Now that is using dof to create mystery.

  4. Love your chosen point of focus. A magical image!!

  5. Gu, vilken härlig bild!!!

  6. Interesting DOF!

  7. i do like the OOF shot you have here.. it gives off a mysterious, intriguing feel.. nice work.. 🙂

  8. Bravo. This is very beautiful and very creative. And like Mariana said All is left to our imagination! Great work, Frida.

  9. I love, Love, LOVE this – my kind of photography Frida!

  10. Very cool focus here . Lovely scene . All is left to our imagination !

  11. It leaves so much to the imagination, Frida. I should do that more often. 🙂

  12. A beautiful image so artfully framed. You created a lovely soft mood that I find very peaceful and soothing.

  13. Every time I come here I see such incredible talent. This is truly a great image. A perfect example of the strength and power of background

  14. A great photo for mystery and imagination – unusual focus point and nice dof, both works so well!

  15. Nice shot. Cool.

  16. Amazing photograph that shows very little and makes me imagine a lot.

  17. wow such a beautiful shot…so subtle and quiet…cool!!!

  18. I love the title of this… it gives it a very surreal feeling to it, like a dream. VERY nice.

  19. This is great; I would never have thought to have focused on the twig like that but the effect is wonderful.

  20. I like this blurred treatment of the man and boat. Nice use of focus.

  21. awesome bokeh!! and great colors

  22. I like the focus you chose here, very cool.

  23. great idea leaving the man blurred, very well done

  24. I looks as if he\'s in a field of tall grass. I like your point of focus.

  25. An incredibly beautiful light for this fantastic shot! Great textures and colors. Amazing.

  26. How lovely! Great use of dof. Really beautiful capture

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