Bred Bridge

Bred Bridge
 Bred Bridge – GCQCRV

  1. Beautiful scene, great composition!

  2. You got to a fine viewpoint to get his angle on the bridge. Fine composition and very attractive picture with the bridge and its nice setting.

  3. What a lovely photo of a lovey rustic scene.

  4. Beautiful green and bridge crossing the river.

  5. a fine bridge shot, it looks quite nice too.. well done.. 🙂

  6. I have always been fascinated with bridges like this. The only ones I've seen in person are in the state of Virginia. Of course they're not ancient like this one. Such a beautiful scene you've captured.

  7. Beautiful stone bridge in a lovely green contest.

  8. What is it about bridges? Astrid always wants to stand on one and spit over the edge. 🙂 Any bridge that has arches seems to have more soul…so this one is special, I can tell.

  9. This seems a very beautiful place to be. You have captured this idyllic scene very well.

  10. That\'s a very nice picture! So peaceful!

  11. This is such a lovely and peaceful image. That water looks like such a great place for a leisurely rowboat ride.

  12. Nice angle and great greens. Is the cache nearby??

  13. beautiful shot

  14. perfect frame and very cool use of natural light

  15. What a lovely scene. Such a timeless bridge. Love the arches!!!

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