European Larch in bloom

  1. That is beautiful! …such a \"clean\" shot, with great light and gorgeous colours.

  2. Oh! These again! I\'ve got to get out to my local bog and see if they\'re blooming there yet.

  3. Lovely. The red stand out beautifully. I like your use of shallow depth of field.

  4. Wow, Frida, that`s brilliant – such a fantastic picture, love the details and colors.

  5. Delicious color!

  6. A gorgeous image with the deep, subtle color of the flower. The angle of the branch and the other background objects support the flower very well. Excellent image.

  7. I\'ve never seen a bloom like this. It\'s very beautiful and your capture is superb.

  8. Beautiful flower, just can\'t find near me

  9. This is really gorgeous! The famous larch tree of Monty Python fame!

  10. beautiful!

  11. Lovely macro, I like the bokeh.

  12. Never knew these flowers had such beautiful colour! A fine detail, well done!

  13. Awesome macro – love the clean composition.

  14. Fantastic greens. Nice details and love our composition of the image.

  15. and now for something completely different: the larch (really)
    beautiful shot

  16. Exquisite color in this. What a beautiful flower!!!

  17. Lovely capture! I like the soft tones and the detail. Beautiful!

  18. Beautiful.

  19. Happy Mother\'s Day, Frida. This is a veritable treat for the eyes!

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