Little house in the setting sun

  1. One room cottage with a very long hall.

  2. Ljuset faller så härligt i denna bild, och jag blir alltid så fashinerad av vilka fantastiska former det finns i naturen!

  3. I like the play on words with the title. Nice close up. The long light enhances the shot and adds to the appeal.

  4. Perfect title for this shot, Frida. Love the light – so gorgeous. Well done!!

  5. Wonderful – the light is like pure gold.

  6. Lovely light!

  7. Fantastic light on this little shell. A beautifully composed image.

  8. Beautiful.

  9. Love the detail and the tones! Lovely closeup!

  10. beautiful!

  11. Beautiful light and a wonderful place to \"sit\" in the sun.

  12. Not for sale, I guess! 😉

  13. Exquisite detail and light. Great find!!

  14. love this.

  15. I love how this is so tucked away, so hidden, yet both you and the sun have discovered it\'s hiding place. Beautiful shot.

  16. Simply stunning composition. The contrast is awesome.

  17. Nice light. Not what I expected from your title.

  18. this is beautiful

  19. Perfect title for this beautiful photograph!

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