Magnolia in bloom

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  1. Such a wonderful flower of a Magnolia.

  2. Great light and a very nice dof encompassing the whole flower. Well done.

  3. Beautiful – it seems to float in mid-air.

  4. When I tried to leave a comment the other day, Frida, it took me as spam. What I said then is that there must be many varieties of magnolia blossoms because ours in the southern USA have much broader petals, like here: They\'re both beautiful!

  5. En underbar blomma som doftar underbart.
    Ha en bra dag, kram Maria

  6. Excellent clarity. It looks like a hand open and ready to receive what may come.

  7. Beautiful!

  8. This is a nice one, haven\'t seen one like this yet.

  9. Now I know what my artificial flowers in a collection were patterned after:-) Yours are prettier.

  10. so crisp and beautiful.. wonderful capture.. 🙂

  11. Truly lovely; the lighting is amazing. What a gorgeous flower!

  12. Lovely and delicated macro.

  13. beautifully framed

  14. Is this a native to Sweden? I always associate magnolias with southern climes. Wonderful photo.

  15. Fantastic light and detail. Really beautiful!

  16. Beautiful images with rich colors

  17. Av alla dina fina blombilder är den här 5*

  18. Stunning!! Love the contrasting colors..the detail.

  19. Love the freshness and greens.

  20. Fantastic. Love all the different greens.

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