The inscription from 1000 BC goes: Öger and Fröger raised this stone, after Gute their noble father.

  1. Just think of how old that is! I find I want to get out my felt-tipped pens to color it, Frida. 🙂

  2. This doesn\'t look as old as the stones I\'ve seen. Definite Celtic motif, but I\'ve never seen the darkened margins before. Interesting.

  3. Rather amazing it\'s survived all this time. I assume the coloring in the carving is relatively recent?

  4. Wow, and this is just outside? It\'s like a lost relic from Lord of the Rings – really admire the scripting of the etching in the stone. Hope its around for another millennium.

  5. Looks like a big barbapapa with tattoos 🙂

  6. doesn\'t look that old

  7. Did you find the cache??

  8. Very unusual.

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