Walpurgis Night bonfire

April 30th we celebrated Walpurgis Night. It is nowadays usually seen as a celebration of springtime.

  1. Whew! I\'m glad it was a bonfire – my heart raced a bit thinking this was a forest fire at first glance. When controlled, there is something mesmerizing about a fire – you\'ve captured this one in great detail – it\'s not easy to capture the detail of a bright fire in pitch dark!

  2. great capture of the fire

  3. Now thats what I call a hot-shot 😉

  4. Powerfull…I like it Frida, it\'s difficult to shot the fire!!

  5. Who/what is Walpurgis? That is some fire!

  6. What a blaze! A nice composition with the wooden structure in the foreground.

  7. extremely well shot…i can almost feel the heat!

  8. Beautiful and warm

  9. wow, great capture

  10. Great fire colors. I can almost feel the heat.

  11. The lighting and the warm colors are spectacular. A beautiful and stunning image!

  12. What beautiful..intense color and light. I can almost feel the heat!!!

  13. fantastic capture of fire

  14. Beautiful flame colors, and it still has detail on the wood also. Great job, and I\'ll bet it was a fun time.

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