A trip on the lake

A boat trip

We are searching for the swan couple that lives here during summer. We didn’t find them…

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  1. Great shot, love the sunbeans and colors.

  2. It seems to feel so quiet….very nice

  3. Ahhh, such a relaxing image. The sun casting the perfect lighting through the clouds through the sky and onto the water. A great place for a painter!

  4. Beautifully done!

  5. wow, very pretty

  6. Härlig lycka det , du !!!
    Trevlig onsdag 🙂

  7. The light is really spectacular! This is a beautiful and stunning image.

  8. Kan bara hålla med dig…
    Härlig lycka det!
    Ha en fortsatt bra tisdag.

  9. Underbart vackert, naturen när den är som bäst!

  10. Love the sun beams coming down!

  11. Beautiful light, there is a clam and tranquility to this shot thats seldom seen.

  12. Spectacular shot of this beautiful landscape. Really like the sun rays breaking through the clouds and reflecting on the water. Stunning capture!

  13. I like the golden reflections on the water.

  14. Stunning landscape. Especially love the light. Me too – I'm always on the hunt for those elusive swans!!!

  15. this is beautiful, cool new template

  16. Wow…amazing capture! Beautiful light and reflections! Excellent photograph!

  17. What a beautiful lake and so pretty with the light.

  18. Great light and reflections. Nice backyard view.

  19. very nice view, i love all those subtle rays of sun!

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