Broken Heart

Broken Heart
  1. I LOVE the toning you did here…stunning with just the right undertone of melancholy. Your pictures are all so gorgeous, I really need to make it over here more often!

  2. This picture is just adorable! 5*!

  3. I like the monochrome background.

  4. So beautiful! Wonderful macro too

  5. This is stunning, Frida. It's amazing to think how it grows like that. A work of art – the flower and your capture.

  6. lovely close-up. the color of the flower goes very well with the grey background. well done

  7. excellent, what an interesting flower

  8. I love the desaturated background. The heart is deflated! MEDIC!

  9. This is very nice. I like the slight melancholic mood you created.

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