Guiding Light

Guiding light
  1. I like the colors and contrasts. What a small lighthouse!

  2. Love that band of red around the top. It really captures the attention of the viewer, who is further rewarded with all the wonderful details of this shot. Very good.

  3. superbes couleurs.

  4. good shot

  5. I just love lighthouses. A perfect pairing with your words!!!

  6. Love lighthouse images. Nice colors.

  7. Such a tiny cute lighthouse! Wonderful capture here.

  8. that's probably the shortest lighthouse i've seen yet.. 🙂 nicely captured!

  9. A beautiful and rather close in shot of this lighthouse. Nice color and detail.

  10. the colours are wonderful and this is a beautiful shot…bravo!

  11. classic!

  12. Very different kind of light house. It couldn't be any closer to the water.

  13. perfect frame and light

  14. I agree with Ginnie – I love the up close and personal view of this lighthouse – fabulous!!

  15. Beautiful image, great details and colors!

  16. I collect lighthouses like I do windmills, Frida…except nowadays I'm seeing many more windmills. 🙂 I LOVE this specimen. It is so architecturally different from what I'm used to. I like that it's so up close and personal. I can really see the details. I'm heading over to V&V shortly…..

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