Old and rusty

Old and Rusty
  1. :-)Exactly my kind of shot…I like old and rusty things!

  2. … but is can be wonderful to view. What is it ?

  3. Everything seems to be very old, the engine block as well as the barn. Great capture.

  4. Great find!! Love the deep rich colors in this.

  5. good shot, but what is it ?

  6. It has definitely been around the block, Frida. 🙂 I love stuff like this.

  7. Nice title!!

  8. Indeed – old & rusty but so worth a shot!! thes eold things shiow so much about time and humans, love this subject – whatever it is/was ;D

  9. I like the close up view of this old engine with its patina of old paint, dirt, grease and some rust. Fine close in shot.

  10. Excellent rusty details.

  11. know exactly how it feels :)) ….. but I'm still running, so shouldn't complain too much :))

  12. wow, fantastic detail and mood

  13. Oooo….my kind of detail shot. I like the cobwebs all around the door jam as well as the other elements.

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