Feeling a bit uninspired but it will pass……. I hope?!

  1. …but the composition is very good

  2. Yes, this is good. A funny little storage space you've discovered.

  3. Only a photographer's eye…..nice find Frida.

  4. Very pretty; I love exploring these old storage areas.

  5. I like the spot of red among the boards. Nice textures in the shot too.

  6. Wonderful lines and angles..and just a spot of red!! Not at all 'uninspiring'. Great eye!

  7. brilliant shot in a very amazing sharpness

  8. Very well spotted and surely not uninspired.

  9. Those are some big nails sticking in the wood.

  10. A wonderful viewpoint…the texture, color and light combine in a great shot!

  11. it looks like it's peeking from behind those beams.. 🙂 nice capture.. 🙂

  12. Sure it will. I like that wheel.

  13. what an excellent, perfect spot of red!
    i envy it 🙂

  14. And what's uninspired about this, dear Frida??? All the lines and angles…AND the red!

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