Snake Head Fritillary

  1. One of my absolutely favorite flowers! I used to have a patch of these but my dog has trampled them down so this year I only had one. Love this!

  2. What lovely flowers! They have a sort of "days gone by" look, like something from Grandma's livingroom :))

  3. amazing .. like the toning and the lightning

  4. What a unique looking flower. Very cool.

  5. I wish I had more time to come and visit blogs because I would be here daily. Your work is absolutely spectacular. A camera in your hands is like the sun in daytime.

  6. So beautiful. Love the warm toning.

  7. Nice DOF. Interesting name!

  8. Beautiful, so beautiful! 5*

  9. Wow..amazing shot! Excellent colors and light! Beautiful photograph!

  10. Another new bloom for me. They're so perfect it's hard to believe they're real. Such deep color and the pattern on the petals is amazing.

  11. I just love the color of frittilaria. Did you know that the big frittillaria has a bulb that smells awful, it is used to keep away the moles

  12. Have never seen flowers with those kinds of markings. Exquisite!!

  13. Ohhhh. I love this flower, Frida. The first and only time I have ever seen it was at the Keukenhof gardens here in Holland back in April. I had no clue what it was. Thanks for showing it here so beautifully.

  14. A truly beautiful shot. Well done.

  15. Great symmetry/composition. An excellent macro with sharpness and dof. Well done!

  16. This is really gorgeous; excellent shot! I have a different variety of fritillaria in the yard, but half of the years they don't bloom (depends on the weather). They sure have beautiful but STINKY flowers!

  17. I like the scaly look of these blossoms. They seem to be very appropriately named.

  18. perfect point of focus and awesome sharpness

  19. they look shy 🙂

  20. Fantastic close-up photograph! The muted colors are wonderful and so is the composition.

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