Snake heads

Snake heads
  1. Awesome!
    I see the snake heads (cobra), but also thought of claws!

  2. Exquisite macro!

  3. I agree with Klaus… a dream in blue… but a symphony in blue too… marvelous and delicate macro.

  4. Nice job.

  5. Brilliant macro and the colors are soo dreamy 🙂

  6. superb macro and, yes, that's a great title

  7. Very nice, almost abstract with the shallow DOF.

  8. Great title, superb view,
    colours are amazing too !

  9. a dream in blue

  10. superb !!! fantastic composition and color

  11. hey, splandid macro! So abstract and the colours are simply smashing, wow-shot!

  12. Looks like a creature creeping up on something.

  13. Well spotted Frida, and nicely captured and composed. They look like floral serpents :))

  14. Beautiful colors and excellent use of dof.

  15. See what I mean, Frida?! You really do have a way with these macros!

  16. Look like some Kind of a fork on the thumbnails.
    A great detail!

  17. Wow absolute fantastic color and unusually view.
    Great Macro

  18. They really do look like little snake heads..or claws reaching up and out.

  19. Reminds me of long fingernails at first. Beautiful macro. Very different and I love the blue.

  20. The three make a very strong, eye-catching image looming up in such a threatening way. The number is fortunate too. Very well done.

  21. that's so crisp & colorful! beautiful shot! 🙂

  22. Wonderful! The color and the framing are just excellent.

  23. Quite simply stunningly gorgeous!

  24. what a wonderful photo, incredible in beauty, it's a masterpiece for me

  25. Lovely!

  26. So lovely tones!

  27. Looks like alien antenna peaking at me from behing the screen 😉

  28. Wow, how delicate and spectacular!!! You've amazingly brought this to life!:-)

  29. What a lovely macro. They look to me like claws; some beast that draws you in with its beauty, then GRAB! GOTCHA!

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