1, 2 and 3

1, 2, and 3
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  1. Tuff fågel 🙂

  2. Superb !
    That fine detail, the swallow alone between the wood

  3. Lovely shot with pretty details.
    Looks so relaxing.

  4. Thank you for your reply Frida.
    Barn Swallow. Beautiful bird.

  5. Oh this is beautiful!

  6. So sweet…so lovely..the light, focus and details are superb…great shot!

  7. Great photo!
    What bird species is this?

  8. A rare beauty.

  9. Gorgeous focus for this lovely bird. Setup is also very sweet !

  10. Ohhhh, what a sweetie-pie, Frida. Do you know what kind of bird it is?

  11. Lovely light and DOF. Great photo.

  12. excellent composition

  13. It's almost like it's posing just for you 🙂

  14. This is a really great photo and very well framed.

  15. awesome light management and superb timing

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