1. They are like little stars dancing!

  2. Great macro; sometimes flowers retain beauty even after they are spent.

  3. lovely colours and detail , great lighting and bokeh .

  4. Gorgeous bokeh. Lovely macro shot.

  5. Your perfect title, Emptiness, adds another depth to this very delicate image… provoking a sense of loneliness for me.

  6. impressive macro shot!

  7. Amazing greens and fine clarity in the image

  8. Love the background:-)))

  9. wow, love this one

  10. Spectacular detail, Frida. Those seedlings are so tiny and fragile, and yet so effective in their eventual re-planting and re-birth of the the flower.

    P.S. "Emptiness" is the correct spelling.

  11. Another beauty, Frida!

  12. Very cool. Looks like little insects hovering over a landing zone. 🙂 Nice find.

  13. fantastic background color and very sharp subject – well done

  14. And it's over for this, now when all it's lifegiven seeds have flown away 🙂 Nice shot.

  15. awesome green!!!!!!!

  16. beautiful macro

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