Greener on the other side…

Grener on...
  1. Great composition and detail with the spider web – makes me want to take a peek through the fence 🙂

  2. Love it! Very cool shot!

  3. A great idea to take a photo, very nice.

  4. This is just great!! Oh-so-very-creative!!!

  5. love the light you captured here.. nice catch.. 🙂

  6. Yes, that`s true – wonderful green "light". I feel like the view through the keyhole …

  7. great light and tones .

  8. cool shot!!

  9. Wow ! This is simple, this fantastic and all in beautiful light,
    such a great picture !

  10. Wonderment!

  11. and in this case it's particularly true:-) such a lovely light filtering through the rough boards.

  12. Ooh, this is really nice Frida! The background bokeh is wonderful.

  13. Gosh, every time I take time to go blog visiting, I am astounded at the beauty I always find here. You have incredible talent.

  14. beautiful

  15. Great composition, like the way you framed this one along with great textures and amazing use of light especially running along the edge.

  16. Good composition, the grass is always greener …

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