Hot summer evening

Hot Summer
  1. Love the way a nice spray of water reflects the light – especially here with the warm golden sunset.

  2. Original, also with this title:-))

  3. What a rich palette, very painterly!

  4. Great sense of movement in this shot. Very well captured!

  5. Wonderful mood and great lighting.

  6. Stunningly beautiful!! Is that a spray of water? The golden light and colors are superbly captured!

  7. Love the warm colors and light.

  8. superb movement.

  9. This is a summer shot if I ever saw one.

  10. Refresching image with lovely colors.
    Well done 🙂

  11. It's beautiful. It looks like a Renoir painting. Well seen.

  12. Hi frida , thanks for the refreshing shot today 🙂 i really love the tones of your evening . A perfect composition.

  13. oh lovely summer light!! love the shady foreground and the light (grass ;D) cascade in the back a lot!

  14. Because I had commented on this at V&V, I thought I had already commented on it here, Frida. Dear me! As you know by now, this is delightfully refreshing. I'm glad you were able to see it AND capture it.

  15. Very refreshing shot

  16. Great image. The light on the water really makes this shot!

  17. Is that water from a sprinkler? What an intriguing and beautiful image.

  18. How did you do this? A golden spray of light across the frame. It looks like part of the tall grasses and flowers are in motion while the rest lie still in the sun. Beautiful shot.

  19. beautiful

  20. This water looks almost like fireworks 🙂

  21. A fine capture of this backlit spray. It makes a fine action shot.

  22. a cool feeling, it's good in these days of heat

  23. beautiful colorful picture. love this almost gold looking spray 😉

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