In public :-)

In public
  1. bug invasion .. cool 😉

  2. Yeah, simply having fun! 🙂

  3. Shameless.

  4. bow chica wowow…

  5. Jaja, really nice, do not disturb!!! 😀

  6. Naughty girl.

  7. I'm sure he was just giving her a massage…

  8. Disgraceful:-)

  9. Excellent macro with a great DOF and amazing details.

  10. Exquisite detail. Amazing!!!

  11. A crowded place. The pollen seem to be tasty and maybe there's a glimmer of aphrodisiac in there too ;-). Great macro.

  12. Wow…a lovely macro…fab tones and detail!

  13. Another great macro. Pretty flower. Naughty insects!

  14. Lol, nature doing its thing!

  15. A fine close up of this intimate moment! Focus is right on!

  16. great macro . fabulous light

  17. what a filthy picture 🙂

  18. great shot with fantastic dof

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